Congrats to the Ravens!

Patriots fan here.  No, not the typical Boston-spoiled-with-winning fan that thinks my team should win every game every single year.  I started rooting for New England when Drew Bledsoe was their QB (~1996) and because I’m proud to have served my Country, defending the red, white and blue.

I have to admit that it’s been easy being a Patriots’ fan over the last decade, not because of their record, but because they generate the least drama with the way they do business.  

That being said, the Ravens played some solid football over the last few weeks and deserve the SB win (IMO).  I truly think this will force them to go through what New England and other solid ballclubs go through, which is attrition. It really sucks when your top coaches, assistants, and coordinators leave to become head coaches of perennial bad teams.  Then they fired because they don’t have enough experience to work around the weak points of the team, which are in a lot of cases the ownership (Cowboys, Raiders) and GM (Cowboys, Chargers).